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FREE UK shipping on all orders over £35.00

Katy Sue MDF Tangled Oval Hoops (Set of 3)

SKU 18-10046TOW
MDF oval hoops with an intricately laser-cut tangled design, lending a rustic natural style. Three different sizes allows you to create either a nested wreath or three separate hoops. Integrated hanging rings make them easy to display. The tangled design gives a perfect framework to attached wired flowers or to add background interest to glued on flowers and leaves. Paint or decorate with a variety of media, such as clay leaves and flowers for a uniquely crafted decoration.
  • Large Oval Hoop – 209mm x 247mm

  • Medium Oval Hoop – 158mm x 189mm

  • Small Oval Hoop – 107mm x 128mm

  • 3mm depth MDF