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FREE UK shipping on all orders over £35.00


  • November 19, 2015 Craft Creations

    Craft Creations - 30th Anniversary 1985-2015

    Craft Creations 30th Anniversary. 

    Today, Thursday 19th November 2015, is the 30th Anniversary of when we started our company ‘Craft Creations Ltd’.

    We have rummaged through all those old boxes in our loft and found a copy of the first catalogue we produced way back in 1985. We thought some of you may like to have a look, so we scanned it and made a pdf that you can download here.

    When we first...
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  • July 19, 2011 Craft Creations

    Birthday Orchids - Card Project

    Birthday Orchids - Card Project By Christine Robinson.
    This is a quick and easy card, perfect for all your summer birthdays or simply change the greeting for a different occasion.

    Use a SF08C-124 blackcurrant card blank. Cut a 5cm strip of SR242P Vines Pink On Dark Pink creative paper, stick this down the left side of the card. Cut a thin strip of PZL00U-52Silver Glitter Vinyl and stick along the...
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  • April 6, 2011 Craft Creations

    Birthday Tulips - Card Project

    Birthday Tulips - Card Project By Donna Field. 
    This red tulip topper is bright and sunny; the design is quick to make and perfect for a cheery birthday card.

    Use an SF06C-107 red pearl card blank. Cut a 3cm wide strip of red/gold dotty paper CDG159P and stick along the top of the front panel. Cut a 4.5cm wide strip of the same paper for the bottom edge and stick in place. Add a gold border XL703U-0...
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  • January 21, 2011 Christine

    Birthday Bear With Daffodils - Card Project

    Birthday Bear With Daffodils Card -  By Christine. 
    Use an SF08C-113 card. Cut a piece of blue stripes paper SR201P to 65mm x 210mm and stick onto the front panel next to the fold. Add a blue glitter border ZL633U-57 across the join. Make up the decoupage bear DCD502 using mini fixers ADH18; he is die-cut so this will be quick and easy. Mount the bear onto the card using mini fixers.

    Make a little...
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  • October 21, 2010 Christine

    Pink Birthday Card Project

    Pink Birthday Card - By Christine. 
    The dots and stripes papers work really well together, with a lovely glitter border ZL711U-50, this border gives a pretty but subtle colour contrast to the lighter pink in the papers.

    Use an SF06U-43 Card. Cut two 144mm long x 35mm wide strips of each of the pink papers (SR193P dots and SR199Pstripes). Stick one striped piece to the left of the card front along...
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