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Quick Fairy Lights

Quick Fairy Lights - By Jenny. 
I'm finding the loopy border peel offs XL780U ever so versatile, they are lovely and bouncy for borders on cards but I am also loving them for fairy lights on Christmas Trees.

Having done many years of crafting for school bazaars I know how it is necessary to have quick, easy, cheap and presentable items and have often made little decorated Trees. Decorate one side and add a little string for tags, decorate both sides and use them as tree or window hangers and best of all they are really fun to make and the children love to help and I have always sold out of all I make which can't be bad. The decorated trees look good on cards too or use the same techniques to decorate the trees on our new Tree Cards.

The trees above all use the peel off border as fairy lights. The loops can be coloured with gelly roll glaze pens which sort of glow, the red uses the souffle version which dries opaque so shows up really well on a dark colour or, try a tiny touch of glitter as in the green version. The gold tree with gemstones uses the border as the wire adding the gems below the loop to look like the bulb which is quite effective I think.

I also love the gem dots from ZL774U placed over the loops, being glitter they give a gorgeous sparkle and look like the little LED globe lights that are popular. These gem dots also look brilliant as baubles and the multi foil on black (colour 11) give a great selection of coloured edges which look good with the glaze pens.

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