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Jenny's Card Project - 79

Jenny's Card Project - 79. 
Craft Creations products used to make this card:
CDT528G - ‘Just For You’ Flower Panel Die-Cut Toppers.
CDX019P - ‘Just For You’ Bottle-Top Banners.
PK724 - ‘Just For You’ 6” x 6” Paper Pack.
SF06U-24 - Dark Green Card Blank.
CRE03CA5 - Dark Green Creative Cover Card.
XL827U-01 - Gold Stitch Borders Peel-Off Stickers.
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Select the green rose paper and the orange foiled stripe paper from the pack. Trim a strip from the green rose paper to 55mm wide and the stripe paper to 85mm with the stripes going along the length.
Trim both pieces to 138mm deep, stick the peach to the right hand side, leaving a border of about 4mm top, right and bottom.
Stick the green rose paper to the left side, matching the top, left and bottom borders, it should fit perfectly but if it overlaps a little it will not matter.
Add a loopy stitch border to the left edge, place it so a little of the green shows between the paper and border in each loop.
Add another to the right side of the green rose strip.
Stick the green basket panel on to the green card and cut to leave a 2mm border all around it.
Stick to the card using sticky fixers.
Stick the round banner onto green card and cut to leave a narrow border all around that, if you have a paper punch that will do the job, so much the better.
Sticky fix over the bottom corner of the panel.
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