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Craft Creations - 30th Anniversary 1985-2015

Craft Creations 30th Anniversary. 

Today, Thursday 19th November 2015, is the 30th Anniversary of when we started our company ‘Craft Creations Ltd’.

We have rummaged through all those old boxes in our loft and found a copy of the first catalogue we produced way back in 1985. We thought some of you may like to have a look, so we scanned it and made a pdf that you can download here.

When we first started we aimed our products at cardmakers and papercrafters which is what we still do to this day. In those days pretty much all of the card blanks we made were used for cross-stitch and embroidery. Suppliers of card blanks back then were few and far between which is why we started the company as Jenny found it difficult to buy what she wanted to use and decided that cardmakers needed a lot more choice. The only other card blank manufacturers at the time were a company called Impress and another that I think was called Sewing Basket. Nowadays as you are all probably aware it seems that everybody and their brother has seen what we do and thought “I can do that” and have done so, especially since the growth in popularity of the internet!

If you take a look in the catalogue you will see many of the products that we sold then we are still selling today - Card Blanks, Envelopes, Boxes, Film Bags, Grip-Seal Bags, Paper Bags, Kaskad and Vanguard card. Although some of the prices may have changed a little over the years!

Even though it was 30 years ago, I can still remember typing that catalogue on a Linotype Linoterm PTU computerised phototypesetting machine with it’s tiny monitor (green text on black), big floppy disks and fonts on little strips of film (for me a huge step up from the IBM Composer and Letraset I was using before), and then copying the resulting print out on an old Gestetner FB12 photocopier. Jenny then stuck all the little paper samples in by hand, collated and stapled the sheets, and dispatched them to customers.

Oh well, lots of memories but too many for this post (thank goodness we hear you say).

Paul and Jenny Kearley.
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