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Card Challenge - Peel Off Sticker 10th Anniversary

Hi Everyone,

Way back in October 2000 we began manufacturing Peel-Off stickers at our factory here in Cheshunt, England, and since then all 'Craft Creations' and 'Gold Label' brand stickers have been designed and made by us in the UK.

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary of peel-off sticker production we are holding a card making challenge. Simply send a photo of a card you have made that uses 'Craft Creations' or 'Gold Label' stickers in the design, either as a feature or just an embellishment. (Please do not use other brands of sticker, if in doubt all our sticker sheets have either Craft Creations or Gold Label on them).

Entries must be in by the end of October 2010. At the beginning of November we will choose our 10 favourite cards, these 10 cards will then feature in an online poll so that you can vote for your favourite card, the top 3 most popular cards and the 7 runners up will win a fabulous prize as follows:

1st prize 100 assorted XL peel-off stickers.
2nd prize 50 assorted XL peel-off stickers.
3rd prize 25 assorted XL peel-off stickers.
The 7 runners up will receive 10 assorted XL peel-off stickers.

To enter just email your photo (jpeg) along with a brief description of how you made the card to:

Only one entry per person.

Entries and winners will be posted on the separate Card Challenge page.

We look forward seeing your entries, good luck!
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