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A warm welcome from the new team

A warm welcome from the new team

A big welcome from the new team at Craft Creations!

We are so excited to be launching this new website and will be adding products to it every day over the coming weeks as we gradually expand the range.

Many of you know that the original 33 year old paper craft design and manufacturer Craft Creations Ltd closed recently to allow the previous owners Paul and Jenny to retire, and that Katy Sue Designs completed a deal to acquire the business brand and relocate the manufacturing to South Shields.

Sue Balfour, CEO of Katy Sue Designs said “When I saw the wonderful Heidelberg machinery and met the owners of the Craft Creations I immediately fell in love with the business. This acquisition will double the size of our manufacturing and build on our silicone mould business broadening our product range into the paper craft market. We would like to thank Paul and Jenny for all their help and support during the transition of the business and wish them well in their retirement.”

We relocated manufacturing from Cheshunt the original home of Craft Creations, up to the north east  of England here in South Shields.

 The big move

Our team has been working around the clock for the last few weeks to install the manufacturing equipment and work through the vast product range. We have added the most popular products to the website straight away but hope you can bear with us whilst we begin manufacturing of additional products and of course add some exciting brand-new designs to the Craft Creations brand!

Quality is such an important factor and that’s why we relocated all of Craft Creations machinery to our Factory here in the North.


 It’s been a big job to prepare for manufacturing, but we are getting there!

 More about the Craft Creations and the move

Craft Creations offers a range of paper craft and card products direct to consumers by a popular website which Katy Sue Designs has recently refreshed, moving it onto a popular ecommerce platform.

To facilitate the move, the company has doubled its manufacturing and warehouse capacity in South Shields with support from South Tyneside Council and hopes to create 10 new jobs during the next 12 months. In addition to this the company has made a significant investment in equipment to print, foil and cut paper products. This equipment was funded by the ERDF SAM Project at the University of Sunderland.  The enlarged UK business is expected to turn over £3m this year.

To help with the huge expansion, we doubled in size taking the two extra manufacturing units.


More about Katy Sue Designs

Regularly seen on the craft shopping channel Hochanda, Katy Sue Designs is a much loved 25 year old Craft business, employing 21 staff from its South Shields HQ. Manufacturing a wide range of award-winning products used by creative people in the cake decorating and crafts markets which are exported to over 50 countries. Based in South Shields we have manufacturing, product development, offices, graphics and a TV studio on site as well as well as a USA operation.

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Lyn Dewey - January 1, 2022

Wanted to get back into card making after the difficulties the last 18 months. Used to use craft creations for all my supplies, particularly aperture cards, envelopes and poly bags. Very, very disappointed with the selection on offer. In fact selection is over stating it. Sorry, but I won’t be ordering from you unless things improve dramatically.

Mrs Cynthia Lewis - December 19, 2021

First, I wish you every success in this new part of your business.

As I only used to make annual visits to Cheshunt, I wasnt aware they were going to close down – but I regret not knowing as I’d have made a special trip to stock up, or bought more on my previous trip…

All I want is several strips of stickers of ‘small, neat words that say “Best Wishes.” Similarly sized to those you have in gold & silver, but in BLACK as it is much more suitable & useful for every kind of occasion, which the metallic ones are not.
(I think the black versions of wishes, happy birthday, etc, was one of CC’s mainsellers.)

While I dont make newly as many 3-D cards as I used to -my hands have got rather shaky in my 80’s – and I only use silver as a last resort,..
is there any likelihood of you being able to send one lot of the silver Best wishes, so I can finish the batch of birthday cards that I’ve made those of my family whose dates are in January.?

Thank you in advance,
C. Lewis

Gillian Atkinson - November 13, 2021

I used to buy 50 cards of one colour. I would buy perhaps 50 of 3 or 4 colours. 3 fold, oval aperture cards about 41/2 X 31/2 ins. I have been trying to replace my stock but am having difficulty. Can you help?

Kate Hull - October 1, 2021

I have been unable to do cards for a few years due to various circumstances, but this year I was hoping to get some more of Craft Creations wonderful decoupage designs. However, I am extremely disappointed to find that the majority of the designs I wanted (such as Snowy Cottage, Singing Choir,Xmas walk, Shepherd boy, to name but a few) are no longer available. When I read the article above, about you moving to the north, and employing more staff, I thought I would let you know what a disappointment the current range is, as it seems to me to be a much smaller collection. I have to say, as a convinced Christian, that I am not a fan of fairies and santa for Christmas. Unfortunately, you seem to have replaced most of the stable scenes, or snowy scenes, with Santa and Mr and Mrs Snowman, which I really don’t want.
I think I may place an order, but it will be much smaller than I had hoped. The other products that I had hoped to buy were some of the lovely backing papers that you used to sell. Sadly, those don’t seem to be available now either.
So I am one sad and disappointed customer. Kate Hull (Mrs)

Anne Davies - September 28, 2021

Are you still producing a Brochure for your new business particularly for customers who are not able to use a computer, please.
I will await your response, thank you.
Anne Davies
1 Pine Grove Honiton Devon Ex,14 2hs

Jenny - September 9, 2021

Wow I have just left one message as you can probably see, I have tried phoning again, no answer, but no sooner I cut the call a lovely lady Marica called me back and all is now sorted thank you Marica.

Jenny - September 9, 2021

I have placed an order with you , I’ve had a message that its on its way but nothing has arrived as yet, I have phoned several times just to get a message about times phone line is open, but it may be open but no one answers what a waste of time. I could do with an answer. Thanks

Jan - August 24, 2021

I would love to get a catalog….is this still possible jan

Lorraine Couldrey - May 29, 2021

I have just had a conversation with a retailer who was a woman after my own heart. We discussed how even though you purchased the name of Craft Creations the catalogue of products is nowhere near to the products they produced for papercrafters or stitchers. No coloured cards only at Christmas and then only limited to 3 colours and only 1 size , no choice of foiled outlines, no deckle edged cards or inners, no hammer-effect cards, no card inserts. Come on , you say you went to all the trouble of moving the machinery from Cheshunt why bother if you are not producing their catalogue of products. There are an awful lot of us out here needing and searching for those items. This is not the first time that I have had a discussion like this . Please look at the comments people are making .

Helen - May 21, 2021

Can never get hold of you by phone and don’t find the website helpful. Do you still do catalogues? I would gladly pay for one! I can see none of the nice peel-offs I used to buy i.e. gardening/dancers/surfers & sailing/animals etc… and do you still do the hammer-effect cards and tulip pearl paints?
Thank you.