3D Decoupage, Die-Cut, Step-by-Step or Classic

With over 500 designs in our range of decoupage papers you are sure to find a design to suit your needs. Our decoupage sheets are designed to fit into, or onto, one or more of our card blanks. We offer three types of decoupage prints:

Classic Decoupage (DC Codes) - repeat images of the full design, generally 4, which can be used for 3d decoupage, pyramid decoupage or twisted decoupage as well as general purpose pictures for craft.
These sheets are not die-cut.

Step-By-Step Decoupage (SD Codes) - which has one full image and several layers which are simply cut and layered on one another.
These sheets are not die-cut.

Die-Cut Decoupage (DCD Codes) - which is like step by step but they simply need pressing from the sheet, no cutting required. Brilliant for a fast and easy finish.

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