3D Découpage Tools And Accessories

Self Adhesive Pads - Foam pads 2mm thick with sticky on both sides. Not only are these great for découpage but they are also perfect for adding a little depth to panels and other items you want to add to your card, or, for giving a bit of depth around an aperture when sticking a card closed.
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5x5mm Double Sided Adhesive Pads 2mm Thick
£0.79 Add Pack 400
3x3mm Double Sided Adhesive Pads - White 2mm Thick
£0.79 Add Pack 1089
3x3mm Double Sided Adhesive Pads - Black 2mm Thick
£0.79 Add Pack 1089
Thin Sticky Fixer Pads - Extra thin sticky fixers. These pads are only 1mm thick, ideal for use on pyramid découpage where many layers are required or for any project where less overall height is required.
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5x5mm Double Sided Adhesive Pads 1mm Thick
£0.79 Add Pack 400
Silicone Sealant/Adhesive - A small tube of clear silicone sealant with an applicator tip. Used for creating 3D-Decoupage projects or sealing around your kitchen sink !!
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Silicone Adhesive
£2.16 Add 25ml Tube
Silicone Adhesive
£3.42 Add 50ml Tube
Odourless Silicone Gel - 80ml Plastic tube of silicone gel glue, like normal silicone but without the smell. Perfect for découpage but can be used for general gluing too.
This is supplied as a kit including a plastic syringe and a key. Insert the end of the tube into the key and use the key to wind the tube around it thereby squeezing the glue down the tube. The plastic tube tends to unwind but a little clear tape holds it around the key, just replace the tape after you have rolled the tube each time.
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Collall Silicone Adhesive Kit
£6.05 £2.49 Add 80ml Tube
Scissors - Small scissors which are suitable for découpage as well as general cutting.
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Curved Blade - Blades 30mm
£13.99 £6.99 Add Singles
Craft Knives - General purpose knives which are good for decoupage as well as general cutting. They have stainless steel barrels with a scored grip section. To change the blade it simply requires a twist of the barrel. Obviously, these are not suitable for children.
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Hobby Knife & Blades
£4.13 Add Singles
Knife Blades - Pack of 5 spare blades to fit the craft knives we offer. The blades come in a small plastic tube with lid to safely store them, although, they must be kept out of reach of children.
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Blades - Fits Kni01 - Good For Decoupage
£2.86 Add Pack 10
Cutting Mats - Handy plastic mats which allow you to cut without damaging your worksurface. They are printd with handy gridlines which will help keep cuts straight and square. They take quite a lot of punsihment before they need replacement.

CM001 is a double sided mat with a 1 cm grid on one side and a 1 inch grid on the other.

ImageCode & DescriptionPriceQty 
A3 - 297x420mm Cutting Mat
£9.34 Add Singles
A4 - 230x305mm Cutting Mat
£9.89 £4.94 Add Singles

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