Wax Seals & Sealing Wax

Sealing Wax and Sealing Coin Sets - These sets include a handle and a selection of different seals to use with it. The bottom of the handle unscrews, insert the desired disc, screw back on and use.
Sealing Wax Compendium Set - This multi set comes in its own storage tin and includes 6 coins, 1 china handle, 1 deep red wax, 1 purple wax, short lengths of purple and pink ribbon, 3 small jars of glitter and basic instructions for use.
The coins are approximately 18mm diameter and depict a birthday cake, two champagne glasses (same as in set WAX7273MRG), a flower, a butterfly, a snowflake and a heart (the same as WAX727HEA).
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Wax & Seal Compendium Set
£22.99 £11.40 Add Singles
Sealing Wax Sticks - Sticks of wax for use with wax seals approximately 8mm x 14mm x 95mm. Use with the coins and handle to create a pretty embellishment to decorate your cards and stationery, particularly popular for wedding invitations.
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£1.85 £0.92 Add Singles
£1.85 £0.92 Add Singles

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