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Why is it that I get my order confirmation by email, from you, with no problem. But if you have a query with my order, any follow up emails go into my junk folder?
This is a question we are asked all the time, so here is the best explanation we can offer.

When the server receives your order it automatically sends an order acknowledgement straight to your email address via the internet. This is before we download your order and it's why the acknowledgement comes through so quickly, whatever the time of day or night.

All fixed IP addresses, such as servers which send emails are constantly monitored to see how much information sent from them looks like it could be spam. So if a server has never sent out anything which looks dodgy, the spam filters will allow its messages to pass through to you.

When we email you, our message is sent from our office computer, through a service provider, who send it on through the internet to your email address. This is also subject to monitoring, and because all service providers facilitate millions of messages (some of which will inevitably be spam), they are not necessarily as 'clean' as a server address which may only be sending messages for one company, as in our case.

So messages sent into the internet by providers are in a 'grey' area as far as spam filters are concerned, and depending on many factors, including settings on your computer, some messages will get through, while others will not.

So please do add to your contacts list.
We will not pass your details on to any third parties.

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