Craft Creations Magazine Issue 34 - Summer 2004

This is the full edition of the Craft Creations Summer 2004 magazine.
Instructions for sheets DC285 to DC290 featuring the star signs Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn and Sagittarius.
Bright, bold and stylish panel type cards using good colour combinations to really set them off. They are all based around our printed decorative panels and are easy to put together.
Young persons cards featuring circus animals and relevant equipment. The animals are cut from velour and the ‘props’ from various papers.
A quite complicated design to work as the card has to be cut and folded as well as creating the design to go on it however, it does look very effective when it is finished so it is worthwhile. The craft techniques used are stamping, stencilling and paper punching.
A design using the pinhole embroidery technique. It features a vase of flowers and a strong border pattern.
This article gives a brief history of how quilling got started as well as how to do Huskings. It also gives 3 designs worked using Huskings.
A cross-stitched design of blue and white kitchenware in a window card to give the effect of a dresser.
A project on tea bag folding featuring 3 variations of folding. These use the rainbow coloured mini-pic sheets to create bright and stylish cards.
This is a quilling project on a stencilled background. The bird only measures around 3cm but is really sweet.
This project shows how to make up layers of paper shapes to create attractive poppies. Combining the basic poppy styles with different materials makes very different cards.
A lovely fimo clay cat on a rainbow corrugated parachute.
A combination of fabric painting and ribbon embroidery used to create very attractive cards with many variations shown.
This features 3 quilled Fuchsias and a spray of leaves. The Fuchsias have artificial stamens and are quite 3D.
This project uses curtain rings as the base for each design. Winding the rings with multicoloured embroidery threads gives a lovely decorative effect and they can be combined to create attractive cards.
A stem of Fuchsias made using the opened out stalks of Oat Straw. Gives a kind of veneered effect to the design.
A cross-stitched design featuring a beach, sand castle, bucket and spade.
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