Craft Creations Magazine Issue 12 - Winter 1998

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This is the full edition of the Craft Creations Winter 1998/99 magazine.
Five new 3D designs for you to make and sell using our paper. Designed by Sue Dix and Kathleen Stroud.
Glass painted cats sitting on a branch and looking at the moon. White paint and gloss varnish have been used to make the moon effect.
From issue 15 this bubbly new year card is sure to be a hit with your friends. Could easily be adapted to any new year by leaving out the numbers or changing them to suit the year.
Another great idea for a millennium card from issue 15. Made from layers of card etc. to create a very modern effect. The background is easy to design and print from your computer.
I think it's lovely to give a handmade christening card as christening items, more than many others, are kept to be discovered later by the recipient who is usually too young to appreciate them at the time.
Jennifer Knowles has stamped this pretty valentine card using stamps from Inca Stamp. A second option is shown with white daises against a green background for a more traditional look.
Joy Myatt has used an off-cut of wallpaper to make this pretty fan and has selected some tiny flowers in just the right colours to go with the paper.
The idea behind these cards is to use old Christmas card catalogues to make the main picture in the card and embellish with silver and gold foils to make them special.
The instructions given show how to make the fish in the main picture, the technique can easily be adapted to make other designs and two others are shown to give you ideas.
These millennium projects are really from issue 15, but we have included them now as they will go out of date soon. A really fun design for the new year. A full size diagram is included for the complete design as well as the large sheep shown here.
This very unusual card is so pretty in pink and white Parch Marque card. Full instructions and diagrams are given for making this lovely stand-up card.
This pretty parchment craft design shows a window blind with flowers tumbling through the window aperture.
If you have an assortment of dried leaves have a look through them you are sure to have something suitable to make one of this stunning set of dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are made completely from leaves with coloured paper backgrounds.
Cynthia Hastings has designed this very pretty parasol card. The quilled flowers stand out well against the dark green card.
Have you tried ribbling your own card, it's great fun and you can make some pretty Christmas cards for your friends while you play. You will need a ribbler to make these cards.
This delicate ring of hearts is made on layers of parchment tracing paper. Great for a valentine or anniversary card.
This new year shaker card is also from issue 15. Simply make a frame from clear acetate painted with glass paints, sprinkle in some sequins and stick onto the front of a card. The message could be changed to suit any occasion.
This pretty silk painted design is perfect for valentines day, the heart is filled with bright coloured paints which has been allowed to swirl together to make a pattern.
Those of you who leave making cards just a little later than you should will appreciate this project, very, very simple ideas for last minute cards which will just take a couple of moments to put together.
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