Lemon Lullaby

The sweet baby bunny, sleeping in a basket is given more impact by the addition of the folded flaps, inviting the eye in to the main feature. A pretty and delicate looking Easter design.

You Will Need All The Items Shown Below.

For the Card Choose Colour -30 Creative Smooth White.
For the "XL" Stickers Choose Colour -08 White.


  • Cut a piece of dark yellow dotty paper to 130mm square and stick it centrally to front of the card.
  • Stick the topper panel to the centre of the yellow panel.
  • Cut a piece of the pale yellow dotty paper to 120mm square and cut an 80mm square aperture neatly from the centre, saving the part cut out too.
  • Use ruler to get a neat line, cut the small square diagonally into quarters.
  • Use the medium width border peel-offs, make a neat white border around the outer edge of the pale yellow frame.
  • Make another border on this frame 5mm in from the centre aperture.
  • Place this frame face down and add a strip of the double sided tape around all 4 edges of the aperture.
  • Using one of the 4 triangles cut earlier and with the yellow side up, place the right-angled point in the aperture with the long edge overlapping the frame by about 6mm. In this way, when the triangle is taken through the aperture, it will make the flaps as seen in the picture.
  • Repeat this for the other 3 triangles, leaving the triangle in the aperture at the moment.
  • Stick this neatly over the topper on the card.
  • Place a sticky fixer on the tip of the triangles, on the white side, and gently curl each flap out, taking the tip to the edge of the card, fixing firmly in place.
  • Add a border sticker to one side of each flap, as shown.
  • Make a neat half pearl on each triangle using the liquid pearl paint.
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