Fimo Modelling Tools & Cutters

ModellingTools - A plastic wallet containing the four most popular tools for working with Fimo.
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Mixed Pack Of 4 Tools In A Plastic Wallet
£3.90 Add Pack 4
Shape Cutters - Set of 6 stainless steel clay cutters, sizes of each shape are between 20-25mm.
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Clay Cutters - Heart, Clover, 6 Point Star, 2 Flowers, Hexagon With Incurving Sides
£5.40 Add Pack 6
Fimo Bead Roller - Plastic gadget for making consistant sized and shaped Fimo beads. It consists of 2 plastic moulds which slide backwards and forwards to roll the bead. Beads can be round, oval or a sort of spinning top shape.
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Bead Roller For Polymer Clay
£12.25 Add Singles
Fimo Bead Rolling Kit - Rigid plastic gadget which comes in 2 halves, simply place a blob of Fimo in the mould and slide the top section bak and forwards to roll even sized and perfectly shaped beads. These 2 bead rollers come with a set of wires for punching the hole through the centre, simply roll the bead to align with the channel in the mould and push the wire through. Care must be taken with the wires as one end has a sharp point.
FIM104 makes a long oval bead approx 11mm diameter and 28mm long and another best described as resembling 2 smaties stacked which is approx 8mm deep and 13mm diameter.
FIM105 makes a round bead approximately 10mm diameter and a long oval with flat sides - imagine 2 flower pots with the tops together - this is 11mm at the centre and approx 27mm long.
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Magic Roller Plus 2
£22.45 Add Singles
Magic Roller Plus 3
£22.45 Add Singles
Bead Piercing Needles - Tube of 50 wires useful for making the hole through the centre of Fimo beads. These should be used with care as one end is fairly sharply pointed.
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Bead Piercing Pins
£8.90 Add Pack 50

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