Interlock Canvas 18 Count

18 Count Interlock Fabric - Stiff white cotton fabric made by Zweigart. This fabric is made up of thick weft threads which are held in their place by the warp threads which are 2 strands twisted together, where they meet the weft thread one strand will pass over and one under to lock it in place. Though this is a good quality product, the Mono Canvas, which has two equal thickness threads woven over and under is generally considered superior.
24cm x 30cm (approx 9.5" x 12")
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24x30cm - White
£1.20 Add Singles
18 Count Interlock Fabric - 50cm x 50cm (approx 19.5" x 19.5").
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50x50cm - White
£3.30 Add Singles
18 Count Interlock Fabric - 100cm x 100cm (approx 39" x 39").
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100x100cm - White
£12.75 Add Singles

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