Sweet Dixie Clear Stamps

Sweet Dixie Stamp Sets - This collection of clear stamps are made in the UK, they are clear and require an acrylic block to use well. Each pack (stamp area) measures 10cm x 14cm (approx 4" x 5.5") so that will give you a guide to the size of the actual elements in each set.
ImageCode & DescriptionPriceQty 
Decorative Happy Christmas - Wreath 87mm X 105mm Approx
£4.99 £2.49 Add Singles
Decorative Merry Christmas - Swags 82mm X 20mm Approx
£4.99 £2.49 Add Singles
Love Joy Peace - Frame 90mm X 120mm Approx
£4.99 £2.49 Add Singles
Keep Calm & Be Merry - Keep Calm Panel 45mm X 80mm Approx
£4.99 £2.49 Add Singles
Let It Snow At Christmas - Snowflake Frame 55mm X 125mm Approx
£4.99 £2.49 Add Singles
Wishing You A Merry Christmas - Longest Line 75mm Deepest Verse 40mm Approx
£4.99 £2.49 Add Singles
Santa`s Sleigh - Sleigh 115mm X 85mm Approx
£4.99 £2.49 Add Singles
Floral Christmas Bunting - Triangles 35mm X 45mm Wording 55mm X 32mm Approx
£4.99 £2.49 Add Singles
Family Poinsettias - Largest Flower 60mm Approx
£2.49 £1.24 Add Singles
Jolly Snowman - Snowman 85mm X 105mm Approx
£4.99 £2.49 Add Singles
Christmas Fun - Cake 60mm X 65mm Tree 35mm X 85mm Approx
£4.99 £2.49 Add Singles
Christmas Rose Florals - Bell With Flowers 55mm X 85mm Approx
£4.99 £2.49 Add Singles

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