Kuretake Wink of Stella Brush Marker Pens

Kuretake Wink of Stella Brush Marker Pens - These are ink pens with a touch of glitter in the ink giving a soft sparkle to the finished work. They have a flexible brush with a fine detail tip allowing you to put little touches or thicker lines on your page. These will blend with the Wink of Luna pens and with each other, touching the nibs together will give you a blended colour and tips can be cleaned by drawing on clean paper.
Before the first use, unscrew the brush end and remove the black collar on the barrel, screw the brush end back on and this will then pierce the ink reservoir allowing the ink to flow to the brush.
The ink is water based pigment, photo safe, acid free, lightfast, odourless and xylene free, it is waterproof when dry and is of archival quality.

Store your pens with the nib up once the seal is broken.

ImageCode & DescriptionPriceQty 
Black Glitter
£5.49 Add Singles
Red Glitter
£5.49 Add Singles
Pink Glitter
£5.49 Add Singles
Dark Pink Glitter
£5.49 Add Singles
Blue Glitter
£5.49 Add Singles
Green Glitter
£5.49 Add Singles
Yellow Glitter
£5.49 Add Singles
Brown Glitter
£5.49 Add Singles
Orange Glitter
£5.49 Add Singles
Gold Glitter
£5.49 Add Singles
Silver Glitter
£5.49 Add Singles
Clear Glitter
£5.49 Add Singles
Kuretake Brush Pen Sets - Set of 3 brush pens, the details are as above, just a handy collection of 3 essential Christmas Colours, Gold, Silver and Clear.
ImageCode & DescriptionPriceQty 
Christmas Sparkle Pack
£14.99 Add Pack 03

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