Hints & Tips

Hook and Loop Dots

To make sure both dots line up nicely, first join them together, then glue them in place together. To position the second dot you should then close the wallet or card, before opening it again, carefully peeling away the second dot and holding it in the right place. Press firmly to make sure the dots are properly attached.

Stick the 'furry' dot on the flap and the 'spiky' one on the back to avoid your guests getting their clothes stuck to it.

Peel-Off Stickers

Use a craft knife, or a pair of tweezers to pick up the sticker, let it settle for a few seconds, then stick it on, but don't press down until you are certain it is straight.

You can colour our peel-off stickers with Lumocolor pens to create unique colours. It is best to colour them while they are on the sticker sheet, not your invitation.


When cutting ribbon, always use very sharp scissors to avoid frayed edges. Clean your scissors often as cutting double-sided tape can make them sticky and difficult to use.

If you're using satin ribbon make sure you stick the double-sided tape flat on the card. If the tape overlaps with creative paper the bump will be visible through the ribbon.


Use a lightweight paper to print your inserts. Play around with it on the screen to ensure you get the most out of each sheet of paper. The inserts should be roughly 5mm smaller than the card all the way around.

To make your invitations look professional try using a corner paper punch, or add a contrasting card panel between the card and the insert.


Proof-read everything you print. Why not print one copy out and pass it to family and friends to check, leave it a day or two and read it again. With a fresh head you may be surprised at the mistakes you find. It's better to do this than print out hundreds of inserts, and then discover a mistake.


When folding cards make sure you have a clean flat surface to fold on. Remember, the raised line goes on the inside of the fold and the indented line on the outside. You may find, especially with place cards, that you need to place them under something heavy for a while to make sure they'll stand in a good, easy to read position.

Trimming and Cutting

Uneven cutting can spoil an otherwise perfect card, so it's worth investing in a good paper trimmer. If you have a lot of cutting to do then make sure you also have some replacement blades to hand.


When it comes to making your own stationery the possibilities really are endless. Look around for inspiration online, in magazines and in everyday life. We stock a huge range of items here at Craft Creations so there are lots of ways to make these designs your own.


Why not order our 'handmade by' peel-off stickers XL334U, or our white label PSA01-X which have a space to write your name. let your guests know that you hand made them and they will appreciate them even more.

Save Everything

Keep everything. Offcuts can be used on a different piece of stationery, and they are handy if you make a mistake.

When covering cards take care with your cutting to waste as little as possible. Use the corners of the paper then you will have less to cut away.

Get Everyone Involved

This is a big job, so get everyone involved: the future mother-in-law, bridesmaids, even the groom! Instead of making each card from start to finish, form a production line. When everyone has one job to focus on you'll find you make progress in no time.


Don't forget to take postage into account, make sure your finished card will fit neatly into its envelope, especially if you are using sticky fixers and 3D designs. The last thing you need is to be told your guests had to pay to receive your card!

AND FINALLY: Enjoy making your stationery, trust me when I say you will miss it once you've finished... Good Luck!

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