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Spellbinders Tool 'N one - This handy tool is a brush, pricking tool and shape removal tool in one. It is made from plastic with a brush at one end and the pricking tool at the other, a spatula removal tool is in the pack. The ends are sprung loaded, pull them down to remove one tool and insert the other, the centre unscrews and the pricking tool and spatula can be stored inside. The brush helps remove all the little bits left in the die after cutting and the spatula helps remove the cut shape from the die, the pricking tool can be used to add extra detail (holes) to the cut outs.
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Spellbinders Tool N One
£16.99 £8.49 Add Singles
Replacement Plates - Spare plates for the Grand Calibur machine. This pack includes Base Plate A, Embossing Plate B, Cutting Plate C and a tan embossing mat. These are the 8.5" x 12" size so your A4 will fit with a few millimetres to spare.

Note: - In January 2012 the Grand Calibur was updated to be able to take an 8.5" sheet as standard (they used to take A4 at 8.25"), though they could be used for wider by removing the feeder tray. The older machines are able to take and work with the new size plates but need a new tray for easy use. This pack contains one tray at the new size.

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Grand Calibur Replacement Plates With Tray 8.5 X 12 Inches
£35.60 £17.80 Add Singles
Grand Calibur and Grand Calibur Junior Raspberry Spacer Plate - Spacer/adaptor plate (plate D) for the Grand Calibur. This is required when using M-bossabilities embossing folders.
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Grand Calibur Raspberry Adaptor Plate - 8.5 X 12 Inch
£9.99 £4.99 Add Singles
Grand Calibur and Grand Calibur Junior Rubber Mat - Rubber embossing mats. The Junior refers to the size, they are smaller than usual to make using small size dies less laborious.
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Grand Calibur Grand Rubber Mat - 8.5 X 12 Inch
£12.85 £6.42 Add Singles
Grand Calibur Junior Rubber Mat - 8.5 X 6 Inch
£7.49 £3.74 Add Singles
Grand Calibur Junior Replacement Plate Set - This is a set of plates for use with the Grand Calibur, they are the same as the usual plates but at a smaller size, useful when cutting small dies as, being smaller, there is less winding through of the empty plates. Set consists of Plate A, Plate B, Plate C and the tan embossing mat.
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Grand Calibur Junior Replacement Plates - 8.5 X 6 Inch
£19.99 £9.99 Add Singles
Grand Calibur Junior Metal Shim - A metal shim to be used with some products, see details taken from the manufacturers website:

The Junior Metal Shim is to be used in the Grand Calibur® Die Cutting and Embossing Machine (NOTE: Not for use with the Spellbinders Artisan X-plorer™ Machine). Great for not only cutting metals but for cutting those intricate designed die templates. Cut and emboss sandwiches for our Grand Calibur Machine are as follows: Cutting Sandwich (stack from bottom to up): 1. Spellbinders Base Plate A; 2. Junior Metal Shim; 3. Medium; 4. Die Template (cut ridges down); 5. Either Pink Embossing Plate or Raspberry Spacer Plate (depending on thickness of sandwich) NOTE: Do NOT use with Imperial Gold dies – debossing designs will cut through. Do NOT use white cutting plate with the Junior Metal Shim.

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Grand Calibur Junior Metal Shim - 8.5 X 6 Inch
£12.85 £6.42 Add Singles
Grand Borderabilities Pack - A set of cutting and embossing plates for use with the Grand Borderabilities dies. Contains 2 Cutting mats at 75mm x 354mm, 1 Embossing pad at 75mm x 310mm and 1 Magnetic spacer plate at 75mm x 318mm.
For use with the Wizard machines only.
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Grand Cut Mat Kit
£18.99 £9.48 Add Singles
Extended Cutting Mats - A pack of 2 cutting mats which are a little larger than the standard ones. These measure 150mm x 220mm.
For use with the Wizard Machines (thicker than those for the Grand Calibur).
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Extended Cut Mats
£15.99 £7.99 Add Singles

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