Silicone Rubber Adhesive

Silicone Rubber Adhesive - available in two tube sizes, each comes with an applicator nozzle. Silicone is mostly used for 3D découpage where the amount used can be varied to allow some areas to be raised more than others which gives you more control than the uniformity of sticky fixer pads do. Silicone is also useful to infill the back of embossed items where crushing may be an issue. It can also be used for regular gluing but it does take a long time to dry. It starts as a milky clear colour and dries a bit clearer though not completely.
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Silicone Adhesive
£2.16 Add 25ml Tube
Silicone Adhesive
£3.42 Add 50ml Tube
Collall Odourless Silicone Gel Kit - 80ml Plastic tube of silicone gel glue, like normal silicone but without the smell. Perfect for découpage but can be used for general gluing too.
This is supplied as a kit including a plastic syringe and a key. Insert the end of the tube into the key and use the key to wind the tube around it thereby squeezing the glue down the tube. The plastic tube tends to unwind but a little clear tape holds it around the key, just lift and replace the tape after you have rolled the tube each time. Squeeze some into the syringe for easy application of small bits, there is a little rubber stopper for the end and I have found it will last a few days in the syringe without drying up.
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Collall Silicone Adhesive Kit
£6.05 £2.49 Add 80ml Tube
Collall Odourless Silicone Gel Tube - An 80ml tube of the silicone gel as above but without the key and syringe which you may well be able to re-use from the kit.
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Collall Silicone Adhesive
£5.16 £1.99 Add 80ml Tube

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