Fiskars Paper Trimmers And Blades

Fiskars Personal Paper Trimmer - A small compact and lightweight trimmer which is hole punched for a binder. Insert paper under guide, slide blade along, and sheet is cut. Use on paper, photos or thin card. Cutting width is 210mm. The base is printed with an anti wear grid with measurements in metric and imperial. The cutting position is clearly indicated with a wire Sure cut system. The clear fingerguard/paper clamp makes it easy to see what you are doing.
This is Fiskars Paper Trimmer: 5446
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Fiskars Personal Paper Trimmer
£15.49 Add Singles
Fiskars Jumbo Paper Trimmer - Large rotary action trimmer for paper or card. Uses a rotary (wheel) blade in a sliding head which runs along guide rails. It is supplied with a straight cut blade. A range of interchangeable blades are available for various shaped cuts and for scoring. Cuts up to a width of 300mm and has a built in measure on the cutting table. This is the updated version and has anti wear guidelines in metric and imperial, the blade housing has the cutting position marked on it for easy positioning, there is a clear fingerguard/paper clamp making it easier to see what you are cutting and the cutting head locks in place for transporting.
This is Fiskars code 9908.
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Jumbo Trimmer
£51.99 Add Singles
Spare Blades For Fiskars Jumbo Trimmer - A selection of different blades suitable for the trimmer code TRM9908. They will not fit Fiskars old style trimmer 9680.
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Straight - Plain Straight Cut
£8.29 Add Pack 02
A Selection of Extra Blades for Fiskars Jumbo Trimmer 9680 - These blades come in blister packs and can be stored in the trimmer when not in use.
Fits Fiskars Jumbo Trimmer 9680 (old style trimmer, no longer available).
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Pinking - Fabric/paper Or Card
£6.79 Add Singles
Cutting Stick for Fiskars Jumbo Trimmer 9680 - The plastic stick which the blade of the trimmer cuts into. After a while, the cut may deteriorate as this stick wears and it will need replacing. As the stick is square, it can be used on all four sides before disposal.
Fits Fiskars Jumbo Trimmer 9680 (old style trimmer, no longer available).
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Cutting Stick For Trm9680
£8.99 Add Singles
Fiskars Guillotine - Traditional style guillotine with pivoting blade, raise the blade arm, insert the paper and press the blade down to cut. This baseboard of this trimmer is made from bamboo and has grid lines to help you keep the paper square. It will cut the long edge of an A4 sheet. There is a metal clamp to hold the paper steady which comes down as you use the blade which also acts as a finger guard.
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Fiskars Bamboo Bypass Guillotine A4 30cm
£83.99 Add Singles
Fiskars Guillotine - A traditional style paper guillotine. This will cut the long edge of an A4 sheet and has a plastic blade protector, intended to keep fingers where they belong! The baseboard is made from recycled plastic and has multiple grid lines printed on it to assist with keeping things square and measuring.
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Fiskars Recycled Bypass Guillotine A4
£57.99 Add Singles

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