Rotary Cutters

Olfa Rotary Cutters - These are a round cutting blade in a plastic handle, To use, just roll along where you want to cut, using a little pressure. They need to be used on a cutting mat or similar to avoid cutting more than you bargained for! It will work on paper, card or fabric and can be run along a rule to give straight lines.
The Deluxe version has a retractable blade cover and requires squeezing to retract the cover, with a button lock to keep it retracted while using it.
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Deluxe Handle And Straight Cut Blade - 45mm Dia.
£22.63 £11.31 Add Singles
Olfa Replacement Blades - Replacement blades for Olfa rotary cutters, supplied in a plastic case. Available as a straight cutting blade or a zig-zag pinking blade. Both blades will fit both ROT01 and ROT15
ImageCode & DescriptionPriceQty 
Pinking Blade For Rot01 And Rot15
£7.90 £3.95 Add Singles
Olfa Perforating Blade - This blade will fit an 18mm rotary cutter and cuts a row of dashes to create a perforated line.
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Spare Perforating Blades For Rot11/12.
£5.41 £1.99 Add Pack 2

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