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This help section has been added in response to questions and comments from customers using the website. We hope you find it useful. Some of this is quite basic, for customers new to online shopping, but read on for more advanced help.

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General Information
Navigating the Website
Search Box
Quick Order - Using Product Codes
Removing Item(s) from Your Basket
Change the Quantity of item(s) in Your Basket
Envelopes, Bags & More 'To Fit'
Customer Login & Subscriber Discounts
Quantity Discounts
Basket Not Saving

General Information

  • You can click on the product picture to get an enlarged image, in any section where the 'Options & Buy' button appears.
  • Click on the 'Options & Buy' button to go into the section, where you can add items to your basket. You can also click on the product picture to get an enlarged image, in these sections.
  • To add items to your basket, simply fill in the quantity and click add. These will appear in the 'mini basket' at the right of the page.
  • If you want to add several items from the same page, simply fill in all the quantity boxes for the items you require then click any add button. No need to click add every time (but you can if you like), just be sure you do click add before you leave the page.
  • Moving the mouse over any item in your 'mini basket' will show you an image of the product.
  • Clicking on the link for the item in your 'mini basket' will take you back to the product page for that item.
  • To see more information about the items you have ordered than is shown in the 'mini basket', simply click on 'My Basket' in the header just under the search box.

Navigating The Website

  • Our Category menu at the left of the page is the best way to navigate around the site after going into any of the product screens, as it expands out to allow you to click on different sections.
  • However, after clicking 'Options & Buy' button you will probably just want to go back to the page you were on. In this case, look near the top of the section you have entered, just above the yellow bar you will see a blue link: Return to etc., click on the link to go back to where you were.
  • You will also find links on many different pages offering you more information about all sorts of things. Sometimes these will open a new window, which you can simply close after reading the information. You can tell it's a new window as the usual 'back arrow' at the top of the browser window will be 'greyed out'. If you find you have opened lots of these windows and and continued ordering, don't worry, just keep the front window open (with your most up to date order) and close all the others.
  • There are some pages that don't have a left hand menu or a 'back' link. In this case, use the browser's 'back' button to go back to the previous page.

Search Box

  • Did you know that you can search for any product code or description using our Search box.
  • If you type in a code and the search does not find it, this may be because you are using letters in place of numbers for some part of the code.
  • The letters O and I are the usual culprits, so try using numbers 0 (Zero) and/or 1 (one) instead. For instance: In the code SF03U, the part underlined is numbers.
  • You don't need to include the hyphen and colour numbers in the search, it will take you to the main code, just click on 'options & buy' to see the colours.
  • When searching by description, try to be as concise as possible, and if you don't find the item you are looking for try using alternative words where possible.
    For instance: Typing 'Mirri Board' into the search box may return nothing, but type in just 'Mirri' or 'Mirri Card' and results will come up, so don't give up too quickly.

Quick Order - Using Product Codes

  • Our product codes are usually made up from a combination of letters and numbers.
  • When using the 'Search Box' or 'Quick Order' section it is most important to type the code in correctly.
  • The code will usually start with letters, followed by numbers, then sometimes another letter, see the SF03U example above.
  • The product's colour information follows the code with a hyphen between them. For instance: SF03U-01. This is a number. You will need to include this if using the 'Quick Order' section.
  • Where there is a choice of message or border/wording style too, letters can be involved as well. It is easy to spot the letters as they relate to the foil or message.
  • For instance: AP48G-HC-GO-29 or AP48G-HC-HO-29 where HC stands for Happy Christmas, GO stands for Gold and HO for Holographic. You will also see codes with SI for Silver in some sections.
  • When ordering sheets of paper or card that can be cut to size using the quick order section you will also need to add the 'cutting' part of the code.
    For instance: To order Pale Yellow Kaskad card (KA001C) cut to A4 you would need to put in KA001C-A4. Note: all these cutting codes consist of a letter then a number. There are standard 'A' sizes, A3, A4 and/or A5.
    The others are easy to remember too: U1 is Uncut and therefore gives you One piece, H2 is Half and gives you Two pieces, Q4 is Quarters and gives you Four pieces.
    You can have the same type and colour card cut to more than one size, simply add the code again including the relevant cutting suffix.

Remove Item(s) from Your Basket

  • While you are still on the page the item was added from; simply put a zero in the quantity box for that item and click any add button. This will update your basket leaving any other items exactly as ordered.
  • If you have left the page, simply click on the code in the 'quick basket' at the right of your screen and it will take you back to the page.
  • Or go to the checkout and remove any individual items from your basket by clicking the 'X' next to the item.
  • If you find you have ordered wrong items from several pages, you can choose 'empty basket' at the checkout to remove everything, or use the 'X' as mentioned above.

Change the Quantity of Item(s) in Your Basket

  • While you are still on the page the item was added from; simply change the quantity of the item, up or down, to the full quantity required, then click any add button. This will update your basket leaving any other items exactly as ordered.
  • If you have already left the page, and want to update the quantity of any item simply click on the item in the 'quick basket' showing on your screen and it will take you back to the page, then you can do any of the above.
  • Alternatively, go to the checkout, where you can change the quantity of any item(s) in your basket and click update basket.

Envelopes, Bags & More 'To Fit'

  • You can choose from a wide range of different envelopes styles and colours to fit our card blanks, and often several different types of clear bag.
  • The easiest way to do this is to order your cards, then simply click on the link above the yellow bar near the top of the page. Here you can choose 'envelopes to fit' or 'bags to fit' which will bring up a useful page of all the different types of envelope or bag suitable for use with the size of card you have chosen.
  • Note: On the envelope page you will find another link for 'bags to fit'.
  • We will be adding new links for 'inserts to fit' and 'boxes to fit' as soon as we can.

There is a A Different Method. If you want a selection of different cards, especially if you haven't made your mind up which ones you want from the start, it's much easier to order all your cards, then sort out the 'envelopes to fit' later, and there is an easy method for this.

  • After ordering all your cards, just click on 'checkout' where you will see a list of everything you have ordered.
  • Add up how many of each size of cards you have ordered. They are subtotalled by code to make this easy.
  • Simply move your mouse over the 'Code' for any of the cards in that size and an image of the card will pop up.
  • At the top of the image you will see the same 'envelopes to fit' and 'bags to fit' links. Simply click on either of these to go to the page and order the total quantity. If you go to 'envelopes to fit', you will get the bags to fit link on that page too.

Customer Login & Subscriber Discounts

  • The first time you use this site, you will need to use the 'Sign Up Now' button on the login page and follow the steps to set up an online account.
  • The next time you want to place an order, choose 'Login' instead.
  • If you are a magazine subscriber, there is a box at the checkout for you to enter your customer number. After filling in the box, your subscriber discounts will show as you shop, making it easy to see when you have reached the post-free total.
  • Note: All magazine subscriber and order history information is held on our main office computer system, so even if you don't do this, or forget your password, as long as you use the address you are subscribed at you will continue to get all your subscriber benefits where applicable.
  • Click on 'My Account' to see previous orders, repeat an order or just choose items from previous orders to reorder. You can also change your password from here.
  • Quantity Discounts

    • We offer excellent quantity discounts on a huge range of the items that we stock. If you are an existing customer, or have our printed catalogue you will know all about them. If not, you will have noticed discounts appearing in your basket, but may be unaware of the 'price breaks' etc.
    • All products (where we offer a quantity discount) will have a small blue link under the price saying 'From £' and an amount. Note: If there is no blue link, no quantity discount applies to that product.
    • Simply click on the blue link and a box will pop up informing you of the discounted prices and how many you need to buy to get the best discount. Many of our products can be grouped by colour or design to get the discount within their section.
    • Peel off stickers for instance, can be grouped right across the XL range for discounts. And the same applies to the ZL range peel off stickers.
    • There is no quantity discount on 'bargain' items.

    Basket not Saving

    • Your basket should be saved automatically for about 28 days. If you come back to our website after quitting your browser and your basket has not been saved, please see below.
    • All online shops store a small amount of information on your computer; this is called a cookie and allows us to save your basket along with some customer details. Some browsers can be set to 'delete all cookies' automatically whenever you quit the browser.
    • You can change these settings quite easily, the instructions below are for Firefox, but most browsers will have similar settings, you may have to look for them on your toolbar if they are not in the same place.
    • If you are using a PC, choose Tools from the toolbar at the top of the screen then click on Privacy. If you are using a Mac, choose Firefox (or whatever browser you are using, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.) from the toolbar then click on preferences. Then in the window that pops up there are several settings you may need to change:
    • At the top of this small window, click on Privacy. Make sure that the top option Keep my history for at least xx days is ticked, choose how many days you want it to be kept for.
    • Make sure that Accept cookies from sites is ticked, the drop down menu below this should be set to Keep until: they expire (or 'ask me every time' if you prefer to have the option of deleting them or not).
    • If you have (or want to have) Always clear my private data ticked, click on settings and make sure cookies is not ticked.
    • You can always click on show cookies and see all the cookies on your computer, and you can choose to delete any you don't want at any time.
    • If you cannot find the your setting, click on help for your browser and search for cookies. If you need more help, please get in touch and we will do our best to help you.

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