Shipping Costs

We have updated the way our customers are charged for shipping. 

Please see our weight based prices below: 

UK Shipping Price International Shipping Price
Up to 100g £1.99
Up to 100g
Up to 750g £2.99
Up to 750g
Up to 2kg £4.99
Up to 2kg
Over 2kg £6.99
Over 2kg






Northern Ireland, IOM, IOW, Highlands & Islands, etc.



Variable Postal Charges



Orders going to these areas will be charged by weight once they go over the standard 2nd class limit. The cost will vary depending on the exact weight of the order: 2-4kg will be charged at cost, over 4kg see below.



If you are logged in with an address in one of these areas, the cost of the postage and/or the surcharge will show as you shop, and at the checkout.





  • All prices were correct at time of placing them online (E.&O.E.). Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


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  • All UK orders are subject to VAT (on applicable items) at the current rate of 20%.


  • VAT at the current rate will be charged on all orders to countries within the EC (inc. UK).


  • For countries in the EC (exc. UK): If a valid VAT number is given, VAT will not be charged. In this instance, please email or telephone the office before ordering (for the first time) so we can set up your account correctly.


  • VAT will not be charged on orders to the rest of the world (including the Channel Islands).


  • Orders for Export From The UK: If your order is going to a country where VAT is not applicable, and is being delivered, by us, to a bona fide Shipping Agent, we will not charge VAT. A Proof of Export Certificate will be required. The invoice address, must, in this instance be the final delivery address (after shipping).


  • Our VAT Registration No. is: 318 3706 05

    Returns Policy





  • We cannot exchange or refund money on items that have been used, or any products that have been cut to order (see the paper and cardboard section below). If you are unhappy with the quality of our products or they arrive damaged, please telephone immediately to arrange exchange items.


    General Information





  • We cannot guarantee the suitability of any of our products for a specific purpose, customers are asked to make their own tests before making any large orders.


    Paper and Cradboard



  • Whilst the range of paper and cardboards we offer are suitable for most general craft purposes, please note the following. We have not tested the pH of the papers or cardboards (those marked acid free or neutral pH are the manufacturers specifications). Nor can we guarantee the resistance to fading of the pigments used in the making of the various papers and cardboards, nor can we guarantee the suitability of the various papers and cardboards to archival preservation (those marked long life or expected to last 500 years are the makers specifications).


  • The weights, sizes and thicknesses specified are approximate and may vary, especially with the hand made papers. Most of the papers and cardboards we stock are made from pulp obtained from trees which are grown in replanted forests in North America and Europe, many of the others are made from recycled or part recycled paper.


  • The abbreviations 'mic' and 'gsm' follow the various thicknesses and weights of the papers and cardboards. The abbreviation 'mic' is used when describing thickness and is short for microns. i.e. 1,000 microns equals 1mm. The abbreviation 'gsm' is used when describing the weight and is short for grams per square metre. i.e. a piece of 100gsm paper measuring 1 metre x 1 metre would weigh 100grams.


    Peel-Off Stickers





    Offensive Weapons Act 1996



  • In purchasing from this site, you are accepting our terms and conditions and certify that, should you be purchasing a knife or blades, you are over 18 years of age and agree to provide us with true and accurate information and to act in accordance with the aforementioned act.