Wooden Shapes - General

Flat wooden Shapes - This assortment of wooden shapes are around 2mm thick, some have a piece of double sided tape on the back for easy fixing, some do not (see the individual items to see which are which).
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Red Outline Hearts Approx 30mm X 25mm & 40mm X 35mm
£2.14 Add Pack 20
Wooden Pegs with Hearts - Small wooden pegs with an organza bow and a plastic heart. The heart has a bobble texture, giving it a bit of a gem like look. The white version is painted wood and the Ivory a is left as natural wood.
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White Pearl Textured Heart Pegs Bows Approx 20mm X 36mm
£3.50 £0.99 Add Pack 08
Wooden Pegs - Unpainted wooden pegs come in a choice of simply a peg or with a flat wooden heart, dyed red, glued to it. The coloured pegs come in a mixed colour pack. All types are perfect for using on cards.
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Natural Wooden Pegs Approx. 9mm X 25mm
£2.14 Add Pack 45
Assorted Colour Wooden Pegs Approx. 9mm X 25mm
£2.14 Add Pack 20
Assorted Colour Wooden Pegs Approx. 9mm X 25mm
£11.35 Add Pack 150
Wooden Shapes - A selection of small wooden shapes which are flat backed with a shaped top, the depths vary but they are around 5mm at their deepest. They are effective when used on cards.
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Red/black Ladybirds Approx 13mm X 20mm
£2.14 Add Pack 10
ImageCode & DescriptionPriceQty 
Abc Painted Wood Letters
£2.14 £0.99 Add Pack 26
Wooden Hearts Approx 40mm X 35mm
£2.14 £0.99 Add Pack 06
Wooden Hedgehogs Approx 40mm X 25mm
£2.14 £1.07 Add Pack 09
Wooden Large Owls Approx 32mm X 37mm
£2.14 £1.07 Add Pack 09
Grey Owls Approx 27mm X 35mm
£2.14 £1.07 Add Pack 08

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