Quilling Tools And Accessories

Quilling Tools And Workboards - The quilling tools are stainless steel tube with a slotted tip and rubber end. The 2mm gives a fairly tight centre though not as tight as a needle tool. The workboard has many sizes of hole which will hold the wound coils allowing them to expand only so far.
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Quilling Holder / Guide - Clear Perspex Workboard Different Sized Holes
£5.98 Add Singles
3mm Quilling Tool - Steel With Rubber End Medium Tip
£3.50 Add Singles
2mm Quilling Tool - Steel With Rubber End
£6.50 Add Singles
2mm 3mm 5/10mm Plastic Quilling Tools
£2.23 Add Pack 03
Quilling Punches - Border paper punches which give a shaped strip which can then be wound on a quilling tool to make into flowers.
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Carnation Petals - Approx 30mm
£15.99 Add Singles

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