General Pergamano Tools & Accessories

Pergamano Mapping Pen - Mapping pen with nib. These have a plastic handle with a comfort grip and are supplied with 1 nib. Use this with any of the inks to draw outlines, most commonly used with the opaque white for classic outlines.
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Mapping Pen
£5.93 Add Singles
Mapping Pen Nibs
£14.30 Add Pack 12
General Accessories - A range of Pergamano accessories.
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Perga-soft - Wax To Help Smooth Embossing
£4.90 Add Singles
£2.69 Add Pack 05
Dorso Oil - Spreads Oil Pastel Colours To Evenly Colour
£8.14 Add 10ml
Bookmark Sleeves - Pvc Will Hold Work 5cm X 21cm
£6.48 Add Pack 6
Coasters - 10 X 10cm
£6.29 Add Pack 04
Pergamano Tool Organiser - This is a very comprehensive and well thought out bag measuring approx 20cm x 25cm (8" x 10") and 10cm (4") deep. The fabric straps go all the way under the bag so they will be strong, there is a comfort pad on one strap which can be used to hold both straps and form a carry handle. It fastens with a zip and will open reasonably flat. Inside there are 7 black fabric pages which are stitched into the spine, these all have a wide elastic strip across the middle with stitched separations to make tool holders so you have 13 sides in total, the last side has a clear plastic open ended pocket. The inside covers have clear plastic pockets, one open topped and one zipped. On the outside, there is one small plastic pocket with a velcro seal.,
All in all, this is a massive amount of storage in a small, convenient space.
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Pergamano Tool Organiser
£39.99 Add Singles
Pergamano Starter Kit -
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Parchment Craft Starter Kit
£19.61 Add Singles

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