Encaustic Tools

Encaustic Iron - A high quality, flat based mini iron for creating wax art pictures.
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Encaustic Iron - Folds Up For Storage - Thermostatic Control
£29.95 Add Singles
Stylus Tool - A versatile pen style tool with interchangeable tips. Comes with 2 drawing tips and 1 brush tip.
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Stylus Tool With 2 Drawing Tips And Metal Brush Tip
£34.00 Not currently available Singles
Stylus Tips - Extra tips for our encaustic stylus ECT02.
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Stylus Drawing Tip
£2.50 Not currently available Singles
Stylus Metal Brush Head
£2.50 Add Singles
Stylus Mini Iron Tip - 3cm Shaped Like Iron
£4.96 Add Singles
Stylus Micro Iron Tip - 1.5cm Shaped Like Iron
£4.50 Add Singles
Scribing Tool - A brass tool with shaped ends which is used to scribe (scratch) detail into wax art pictures.
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Scribing Tool - No Heat Required
£2.50 Add Singles
Brush Pack - A pack of 5 quality nylon bristle brushes for wax art.
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Brush Pack - From Fine To Jumbo
£9.00 Add Pack 5
Rubber Brush Pack - Set of 5 paintbrushes with rubber tips, used to move molten wax around.
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Brush Pack With Rubber Tips
£17.00 Add Pack 5
Sponge Pack - 4 Sponges in mixed shapes used to move and texture molten wax.
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Encaustic Sponge Pack - Mixed Shapes
£4.00 Not currently available Pack 04

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