Button Baubles Quick Card Project

These pretty printed buttons make a fast and fun card, little gems and glitter card add just the right amount of sparkle.

You Will Need All The Items Shown Below.

For the Card Choose Colour -110 Centura Pearl Snow White.
For the Stickers Choose Colour -03 Black.


  • Cut a strip of the blue glitter card 7cm x 15cm, shape the edge to make the "mountain peaks" and stick to the bottom edge of the card front, trimming to fit neatly.
  • Cut a strip of blue dotty paper to 10mm x 150mm and stick it along the bottom of the card, over the glitter peaks, trimming it to the card edge.
  • Cut another strip 20mm x 150mm and trim one long edge using the scalloped scissors. Stick along the top edge of the card, trimming to fit the card.
  • Cut a strip of white 15mm x 150mm, trim one edge with the scalloped scissors and stick along the top of the blue dotty border at the bottom of the card, scallops to the top. Trim to size.
  • Cut a strip of silver glitter card about 8mm wide x 50mm long.
  • Arrange, but do not stick the buttons nicely on the card, making them staggered to give a nice look.
  • Use the narrow border stickers to make the "strings" from the scalloped border to where the buttons are placed.
  • Take the buttons off and add a bit of the silver glitter strip to the bottom of the strings about 8mm wide for the large buttons and about 6mm wide for the small ones.
  • Stick the buttons into place over the silver leaving just a nice bit showing.
  • Use the medium width black border stickers to make a line across the top, about 3mm from the top edge and one along the join between the dotty and white papers at the bottom of the card.
  • Draw a bow on each string and a larger bow to the lower border.
  • Stick a small blue gem to the centre of the bows on the strings.
  • Stick a single pearl to the stings of the small buttons and a pearl, large blue gem and another pearl to the larger ones.
  • Add a large blue gem to the large bow and the wording to the right of the white border.
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Uhu Extra All Purpose Adhesive
£2.62 Add 31ml Tube
Duck Egg Blue/white Spots
£2.14 Add Pack 15
Pale Blue/iridescent Glitter
£1.40 Not currently available Singles
Pale Blue
£1.89 Add Pack 100
Pearl White
£1.89 Add Pack 100
Pale Blue
£1.89 Add Pack 100
240gsm Creative Smooth White Card - A5
£0.10 Add Singles
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Small White Dots On Pale Blue
£0.44 Add Singles
Pigment Liner Black 0.5mm
£3.50 Add Singles
0.7mm 1mm 1.5mm Mixed Width Straight Lines
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Relatives Christmas
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