Fiskars Advant-Edge Paper Puching System

Fiskars have just introduced a great new way with border paper punches making it easy to get accurate alignment on lengths up to 12" (30cm), a perfect width for a scrapbook page. They have a selection of punches available which punch lovely designs that are about 6cm deep.
This system consists of a main tool, and interchangeable cutting punches. The tool is a frame, which takes a 30cm wide sheet, though you could use it on smaller sheets. The paper is held in a clamp to keep it neatly in place as you punch. The tool handle lifts up to allow access to the cutter, this just clicks into the head, flip the handle back down and start punching. the frame has click stops so, as the punch is moved across the sheet, the head clicks into place and the next pattern perfectly aligns with the first.
The handle is large and easy to use, with less strain on your palms and thumbs than the smaller versions.
The new, interchangeable, smaller border punches which have just been introduced, also will fit in this tool and the starter kit has an adaptor fitted when you receive it.

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