Miscellaneous Tools

Pokey Tools - Pack of 2 pokey tools. These a steel about 120mm (4.5inches) long and 5mm dia, pointed at one end with a soft rubber cap over the other end for more comfortable use. Very handy for positioning small items into place on cards or scrapbook pages and for pushing out die-cuts from cutters.
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Pokey Tool Set
£2.64 Add Pack 02
Pencil Sharpener - Smart pencil sharpeners with a tub for catching the shavings and a hinged lid to prevent spillage. Made by Staedtler. The double takes pencils up to 10.2mm
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Pencil Sharpener
£3.30 Add Singles
Double Pencil Sharpener
£3.80 Add Singles
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Pair Of Compasses
£5.55 Add Singles
Eraser - Nice quality pencil eraser.
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Eraser - Approx 65 X 23 X 13mm
£1.40 Add Singles
Circle Template - Clear plastic template for drawing circles. Great for a whole variety of sizes from just 1mm to 36mm. The template has marks for centring the circles and easy positioning, the largest has markings around the edge for 100 equally spaced segments and the 31mm circle is marked in 72 segments. There are millimetre and centimetre increments along one straight edge of the template.and all 4 corners are rounded each to a different radius.
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Circle Template - 1 - 36mm
£7.50 Add Singles
Fiskars Embossing Stylus Pack - Pack of 2 embossing tools. Each tool is double ended giving 4 sizes of embossing heads. The ends are stainless steel, the handles are plastic with soft rubber gripping areas.
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Embossing Stylus
£6.49 Add Pack 02
Clear Acrylic Stamp Blocks - Clear acrylic blocks which are used as a stamping block for clear and cling rubber stamps. Simply stick the stamp to the block and use. These come in various sizes to suit different sized stamps. Please Note: the depth of these blocks are only 8mm, they work in the same way as other blocks they are just thinner.
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Acrylic Block - 50 X 80 X 8mm
£2.26 Not currently available Singles
Acrylic Block - 90 X 120 X 8mm
£3.55 Add Singles
Acrylic Block - 90 X 160 X 8mm
£4.37 Add Singles
Clear Stamp Holder Set - A set of three stamp blocks made from clear plastic for use with cling and clear stamps. The set comes with one handle which can be removed and used on each of the three blocks.
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Clear Stamp Holder - Block Sizes 50x50mm 60x100mm 100x150mm
£7.00 Add Pack 03

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