Diamanté & Pearl Buckles & Ribbon Sliders

Faux Diamanté Buckles - Small plastic buckles, suitable for using on all kinds of cards and particularly wedding invitations. These are "faux diamanté" in that they have an indent which is shiny and bright, simply making you think it contains a diamanté when you look at it.
Not only are these are extremely effective and look very like the real thing, but they are really versatile too. You can 'colour scheme' them to match your wedding or occasion by adding 2mm gems in any colour (our bling bling gems are perfect). Simply stick a gem into each 'cup' using ADH19.
If you can't find a gem in the colour of your choice, check out our range of 'Stickles' glitter glue, a little drop of this into each cup also looks very good.
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Round 20mm Diameter - Silver
£1.99 Not currently available Pack 06
Heart 26mm X 21mm - Silver
£1.99 Add Pack 06
Pearl Effect Buckles - Small plastic buckles made to look like they are made from a row of half pearls. Great for decorating wedding invitations.
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Square 12mm X 10mm - Ivory
£1.99 Add Pack 12
Square 12mm X 10mm - White
£1.99 Not currently available Pack 12
Round 13mm Diameter - Ivory
£1.99 Add Pack 12
Round 13mm Diameter - White
£1.99 Add Pack 12
Oval 12mm X 10mm - Ivory
£1.99 Add Pack 12
Oval 12mm X 10mm - White
£1.99 Add Pack 12
Heart 17mm X 15mm - Ivory
£1.99 Add Pack 12
Heart 17mm X 15mm - White
£1.99 Add Pack 12
Woodware Ribbon Sliders - Mixed colour packs of brads with slotted tops. These are normal brads, with the prongs to go through the card but the tops have slots cut out of them, approx 8mm long, which will allow them to be threaded onto ribbon. Tops are 1mm thick and 20mm dia.
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Ribbon Sliders - Pastel Flowers
£1.27 Add Pack 20

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