Cuttlebug Machines, Plates and Mats

Cuttlebug A Plates - Spacer plate A (the thick white one). This is a replacement for the one that comes with the machine should you require one and a longer version for use with the longer dies available. For use with the Cuttlebug machine only.
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Spacer A - 150 X 197mm
£9.99 Add Singles
Spacer A Extra Long - 150 X 330mm
£18.99 Add Singles
Cuttlebug B Cutting Plate - As you use the cuttlebug, the plastic cutting plates will become marked with the images of previous cutting sessions, eventually they will need to be replaced. You can use both sides of both plates to maximise their life.
ImageCode & DescriptionPriceQty 
Cutting Mat B Extra Long - 150 X 330mm
£18.99 Add Singles
Cuttlebug C Adaptor Plate - To use some of the thinner dies that are available you will need to replace the top cutting plate (b) with a thicker one (C). This is a single plate and is clear like the standard plate, just thicker.
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Adapter C Extra Long - 150 X 330mm
£18.99 Add Singles

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