Wedding Braids & Cords

Strung Pearl Beading - Tiny little beads on a string.
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3mm Wide Strung Pearl Beading
Available in:
£0.85 Per Metre
Mixed Braids and Cords - A collection of all sorts of cords and braids. See the descriptions with the codes for more info.
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Fine Cord Braid - Silver Approx 1mm Dia Metallic
£0.36 Add Per Metre
Fine Cord Braid - Gold Approx 1mm Dia Metallic
£0.36 Add Per Metre
Round Cord Braid - Gold Metallic 1.5mm
£0.36 Add Per Metre
Double Loop Braid - Gold - Overall Width 5mm Centre Cord Loops Both Sides
£0.69 Add Per Metre
7mm Wide Daisy Braid
Available in:
£0.78 Per Metre
Fibre Roll - A gorgeous, soft and silky tangle of threads on a roll. This is like silky cotton threads, dropped in a tangle and flattened to make a sheet. Essentially it is a 15cm wide open weave mesh, which is beautifully silky soft and drapes prettily. Would be great used on invitations, down the centre of a table or as chair bows or drapes. Roll is 10 metres long.
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MESH01 Options & Buy
15cm Wide Mesh
Available in:
£5.30 10mtr Roll
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