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This section contains many different products designed to help your creativity flow, starting with our Creative Papers (SR Codes) which are 12x12 sheets for scrapbooking and cardmaking alike. This is an ever growing and comprehensive range which is complemented by our foiled range and matching tags which are always useful. The handy mixed strips packs are an economical way of getting started with these papers and are also perfect for paper punching and home die-cutting.

Creative Images (CIM Codes) and Creative Borders (CB Codes) are our range of printed, die cut, self adhesive paper stickers. They are brilliant for adding to cards or scrapbooks and many of the designs match other products in our range such as découpage papers, Mini Picture sheets and Creative die cuts to give a lovely co-ordinated look to the finished work.

Creative Card (CRC Codes) are handy sheets of white card which have been printed on one side with a design to match some of the Creative Papers. Excellent for scoring and folding to make printed card blanks as well as cutting into panels for matting and layering.

Creative Die Cuts (CDT Codes) are a selection of pictures, words and tags which are perfect for embellishments as well as main features with plenty of scope for personalisation.

Collage Sheets (CS Codes) are along the same lines but are not die cut, though still very useable.

The Mini Picture Sheets (MP Codes) are primarily for teabag folding but can be used for little panels, mini decoupages etc.

Plenty of scope to explore and enjoy.

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Creative Flowers - Printed paper flowers which are die-cut, they simply require rolling into the centre and gluing to complete. Each sheet is printed on 170gsm paper, printed with a dotty pattern on one side and a textured colour on the other. Each sheet contains 9 flowers and 14 leaves of varying sizes and further size variation can be gained by loose or tight rolling.

Colours may be mixed to obtain the quantity discounts.

ImageCode & DescriptionPriceQty 
Lilac Spiral Flowers
£0.89 £0.45 Add Singles
Pink Spiral Flowers
£0.89 £0.45 Add Singles
Orange Spiral Flowers
£0.89 £0.45 Add Singles
Yellow Spiral Flowers
£0.89 £0.45 Add Singles
Collage Sheets - Good quality printed sheets, full of designs suitable for cutting out and using as elements in your card making or scrapbooking. Many designs are made to go with designs in our range of creative papers. Paper is 120gsm and is acid and lignin free.

All CS Collage Sheets may be mixed to obtain quantity discounts.

ImageCode & DescriptionPriceQty 
Collage - Gardening Items 3
£0.35 £0.05 Add Singles
Collage - Christmas Mix 1 (matches Scrapbook Papers Sr039p-sr046p)
£0.35 £0.05 Add Singles
Space Words
£0.35 £0.05 Add Singles
Birthday Mix 1 (matches Scrapbook Papers Sr074p-sr079p)
£0.35 £0.05 Add Singles
Birthday Mix 2 (matches Scrapbook Papers Sr074p-sr079p)
£0.35 £0.05 Add Singles
Birthday Mix 4 (matches Scrapbook Papers Sr074p-sr079p)
£0.35 £0.05 Add Singles
Marlmarque Paper - A smooth paper in a base colour with a second colour marbled through it. The marbling is on one side only but does show through a little on the back. Matching envelopes are available although colour and marbling may vary between the card & paper as well as between batches- 90gsm/120mic.

Colours may be mixed to obtain the quantity discounts. Click the blue link below the price for details of discounts available.

ImageCode & DescriptionPriceQty 
90gsm Marlmarque Brown/cream Paper - 12x12
£0.58 £0.29 Add Singles
90gsm Marlmarque Grey/green Paper - 12x12
£0.58 £0.29 Add Singles
90gsm Marlmarque Blue/blue Paper - 12x12
£0.58 £0.29 Add Singles
Mini Picture Sheets - Quality printed sheets of square pictures, primarily these were designed for teabag folding projects but they are also extremely useful as little panels for general cardmaking. The sheets are 80gsm for easy folding and are acid and lignin free. Each sheet contains an 8cm square, 8 squares at 5cm and 16 squares at 4cm. The large panel makes a lovely background to the other squares once they have been folded to a shape. A medallion made from the smaller squares will fit neatly inside a larger one (will vary depending on the shape).

All MP Mini Picture sheets may be mixed to obtain quantity discounts

ImageCode & DescriptionPriceQty 
Toy Bear
£0.31 £0.05 Add Singles
Toy Elephant
£0.31 £0.05 Add Singles
Toy Clown
£0.31 £0.05 Add Singles
Toy Doll
£0.31 £0.05 Add Singles
£0.31 £0.05 Add Singles
Pattern 1
£0.31 £0.05 Add Singles
£0.31 £0.05 Add Singles
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