Craft Creations Magazine Issue 55 - Autumn 2009

Layering and mounting tips for 3D découpage in the step by step style featuring, for Christmas, lovely snowmen, Penguins, kissing bears, a kitten in a stocking and a santa mouse with baubles.
This design uses card cut to shape for a lovely robin in his snow trimmed wellies and christmas hat. The background is card again decorated with peel off stickers. There is a second option with a cheeky snowman's head peeking from the corner of the card.
A beautiful, cascading row of candles flowing down the card. Made with peel off stickers, coloured with pens and glitter for a bright and pretty card.
Multiple trees fixed to a cascade card, all prettily decorated with creative paper, glitter glue and sequins to give the effect of a mini forest.
This is not a quick project but it is beautiful and would keep for years to be used over and over again. Basically it is an advent calendar with a turning wheel to count down the days with 6 decorated panels which open out to make a long, colourful card. Great for young children who love to count the days, a real keepsake.
This is a cross over between card making and scrapbooking with a sweet little card cum book. All the pages are decorated with pockets and tags and many little greetings, stickers and ribbons. The idea of this is for the recipient to add photos and comments or observations for a true mini memory album.
A simple row of hardanger holly leaves make a stylish card when combined with some pretty paper and tags.
Clear plastic (acetate) has become a very useful material in card making and this project shows how lovely it can be when used as a panel of the card, giving depth to the card by allowing some of the stickers or motifs to be floating over others on the layer behind.
This shows the second batch of Life Smiles découpage sheets which are die cut, and in the step by step style, giving useful tips for layering and ideas for mounting them. The subjects are darts, ladies golf, ladies bowls, cricket and mens tennis.
An ideal card design for couples, young and old, it features two waltzing snow people made from vivelle dancing under a full moon.
Three very simple cards made using stick on gems with sequins, a little glitter and stickers. Though simple, these are very pretty cards and are sure to please.
Pinhole embroidery is often quite complicated, not so these ideas. These take a multi-point star, stitched with thickish thread with added gemstones to make straightforward, glitzy and pretty cards.
Giving a pot of Poinsettias for Christmas is bit of a tradition. One that is sure not to fail is this pretty flower pot card. Make them in bold red, green and gold or, more subtle, silver and pink - either way they are gorgeous.
A straightforward little tree design made from quilling paper. Great project for a newcomer to quilling.
This is iris folding but tweaked a little. It uses florists ribbon for the folded strips and the sequence is changed to give the right effect for the body of the robin.
Pinhole embroidery is the main part of this card with a pretty snowflake front and two simple snowflake strips inside the card. The centre of the inside has a aperture with white sequin snowflakes strung across it.
When these cards are open on the shelf the centre motif appears to float in the aperture, being suspended of a web of gold threads. Adding small beads to the strings gives a nice sparkle for a Christmassy look.
The sweet little découpage papers with the cartoonish characters are just right for this fun shaker card.
Waterfall cards are always fun to give when you can watch the surprise and pleasure when the tab is pulled and the pages flick over to reveal the hidden pictures/message. This tree shaped design is slightly more unusual and reveals little sticker decorations for the tree when used.
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