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Below is a small selection of sticky tapes and glues used for card making; for a larger selection of products see the Adhesives, Glues & Fixers section in General Craft Products, where you can find glue dispensers, UHU, glue dots and many more sticky items!
PVA Adhesive - Good quality PVA craft adhesive which starts white and dries clear. It comes in a bottle with a twist to open nozzle and is an ideal glue to use for general paper and card gluing where it should be used thinly. If wanting to cover a large area, make a line of glue and spread with a scrap of card.
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P.v.a. Craft Adhesive
£3.06 Add 125ml Bott
Double Sided Tape - 50 metre rolls, available in either 6mm (1/4 inch) or 12mm (1/2 inch) widths. Very good for sticking cards closed or items to cards. Permanent adhesive.
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6mm X 50mtr Double Sided Tape
£1.70 Add Roll
12mm X 50mtr Double Sided Tape
£3.40 Add Roll
Photomount Rolls - This is basically a large sheet of double sided tape so it is ideal for larger projects like mounting photographs. It is also useful for cutting to shapes to be covered with glitter etc., or stick to paper before cutting it to shape for self adhesive motifs. Can also be with personal die-cutting dies.
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300x1300mm Photomount
£5.14 Add Singles
450x1300mm Photomount
£7.65 Add Singles
Self Adhesive Pads - Foam pads 2mm thick with sticky on both sides. Not only are these great for découpage but they are also perfect for adding a little depth to panels and other items you want to add to your card, or, for giving a bit of depth around an aperture when sticking a card closed.
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5x5mm Double Sided Adhesive Pads 2mm Thick
£0.79 Add Pack 400
3x3mm Double Sided Adhesive Pads - White 2mm Thick
£0.79 Add Pack 1089
3x3mm Double Sided Adhesive Pads - Black 2mm Thick
£0.79 Add Pack 1089
Thin Sticky Fixer Pads - Extra thin sticky fixers. These pads are only 1mm thick, ideal for use on pyramid découpage where many layers are required or for any project where less overall height is required.
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5x5mm Double Sided Adhesive Pads 1mm Thick
£0.79 Add Pack 400
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