Straight And Curved Blade Scissors

Scissors - General purpose scissors, see list for more details of each item.
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Straight Blades - Blades 45mm - Non Stick. Good For Decoupage
£9.49 Add Singles
Curved Blade - Blades 30mm
£13.99 Add Singles
Snip Scissors - These snips have straight handle rather than finger loops, squeezing them together operates the blades. These may be useful where conventional scissors cause too much strain. A slide catch will keep them closed when not in use.
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Snip Scissors - Straight 45mm Blades
£12.99 Not currently available Singles
Scissor Sharpener - Simply insert straight bladed scissors in the slots and draw them out while squeezing the handles.
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Scissor Sharpener
£13.99 Add Singles
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