Fiskars Knives & Cutting Mat

Cutting Mat - Fiskars thin, semi-transparent two-sided craft mat. Front side is self-healing with a printed grid, the reverse side is a durable working surface. Suitable for use with rotary cutters and craft knives.
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A4 - 230x305mm Cutting Mat
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Fiskars Craft Knives - Stainless steel knife with a soft grip section for comfort or Finger Knife with a short, curved handle which fits around one finger for easy blade guidance. Twist the barrel to release the jaws and change the blade for both styles.
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Fiskars Craft Knife
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Fiskars Spare Blades For Kni21 & Kni23
£2.99 Not currently available Pack 5
Fiskars Finger Knife
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Fiskars Art Knife - Premium Art and craft knife, perfect for cutting all kinds of paper, cardstock, plastics and more. It features an easy blade change and is an anti-roll design, so no more rolling off the table. The handle of the knife is soft feel plastic and is a rounded triangular shape which stops it rolling, with a slight curve along the length (like a banana) and it is surprisingly comfortable to use. The blade has a cover for while it is not in use and the other end has the blade change mechanism. This is pulled and "folded" to remove the blade, insert the new one and return the end to the original position to secure it. Knife comes with one blade and the KNI22 blade fits this knife.
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Fiskars Precision Art Knife
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Fiskars Swivel Knife - Fiskars fingertip knife with a swivel blade, as you cut the blade will twist and turn to change its cutting angle.
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Fiskars Swivel Knife
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Fiskars Spare Blades For Kni24
£3.29 Add Pack 02
Fiskars Paper Cutter - This handy little gadget cuts paper and has a ribbon curling tool incorporated. The paper is pushed over the tiny blade which sits below the grey fingerpad in the picture and the cutting motion is simply pushing the tool along.
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Fiskars Paper Cutter & Ribbon Curler
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