Fiskars Straight Cutting Scissors

Fiskars Scissors - These are good quality scissors all with plastic handles and steel blades.
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Straight Blades - Blades 45mm - Non Stick. Good For Decoupage
£9.49 Add Singles
Curved Blade - Blades 30mm
£13.99 Add Singles
Straight Blades Larger Finger Loops - Blades 80mm General Craft - Made From Recycled Materials
£7.99 Add Singles
Fiskars Classic Needlework Scissors
£13.99 Add Singles
Fiskars Softgrip Micro-tip Scissors
£15.99 Add Singles
Fiskars Snip Scissors - These have straight handles with a spring action. Release the lock and the spring will open the scissors, squeeze the handle to cut. These have soft grip handles for extra comfort and fine tip blades despite the chunkier handles. These could be great if you find normal small scissors a strain. A slide clip hold them shut when not in use.
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Snip Scissors - Straight 45mm Blades
£12.99 Add Singles
Fiskars Scissor Sharpener - Neat black plastic handle with sharpener set into a grey section, simple to use, works on right handed scissors. Only suitable for straight blades.
ImageCode & DescriptionPriceQty 
Scissor Sharpener
£13.99 Add Singles
Fiskars Dressmaker's Scissors - Smart scissors, straight blades with offset handles to give a flat bottom for easy fabric cutting. These have large, soft grip handles.
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Straight Blades Larger Finger Loops - Blades 110mm Heavy Duty For Dressmaking
£28.99 Add Singles
Straight Blades Larger Finger Loops - Blades 95mm High Performance For Precision
£22.99 Add Singles
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